First 4 Transfers FREE

If you have not sent money with us before don’t worry, we’ve got your back. We are running the best deal to send your first four transfers with us for FREE. Yes it is free, you won’t pay any fees at all!

How does the first 4 FREE transfers work?

  • Register on MasterRemit as a new customer.
  • Add the code FIRST4FREE on your first transfer and you won’t pay any fees. [1]
  • Recommend a ‘friend’ who is a new MasterRemit customer. Once this person makes their first successful money transfer, you will receive a free transfer fee code to redeem on your second transfer. [2]
  • Repeat Stage 3 and get free transfer fees for up to 3 new customers that you recommend.

Terms and Conditions

[1] Offer effective from 25th November 2020 to 31st December 2021. Transfer can be sent to any country. The maximum amount to redeem with the promo code is $5000 USD or the equivalent currency in the Australian dollar.
New customers refers to anyone who has not previously made a money transfer with MasterRemit.
The code FIRST4FREE provides you with a 100% discount on money transfer fees on your first transaction with MasterRemit.
The code must be applied during the payment process. If the code is not applied to your first transaction it will not be valid for your second and third and fourth transactions.
[2] Recommend a friend and you must ask them to nominate your MasterRemit Customer Registration Number (MCRN), or your Email or your Phone when they sign up with MasterRemit to get free transfer for your second, third and fourth transactions. If you have not been nominated you will not be eligible to get free transfer for your second, third and fourth transactions.
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